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5.0.1 Release notes

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New Features

Lists in the POV

As of 5.0.1 it is possible to use lists in the point of view bar. This new feature extends the concept of guided analysis because it allows Captains to hide any irrelevant point of view members or even join multiple dimensions in one single point of view selector. These lists can be single or multidimensional.

Read more about this new feature in the List in POV article.

Variables in Cube Calculations

Variables in Calculated Members give an increased level of flexibility. Besides the standard CXO-Cockpit Variables you can also include the current selected Point of View member of any dimension.

Read more about variables of cube calcs in the Use of variables in calculated members article.

Variables in MDX Lists

The use of variables or current selected POV members increases the flexibility of MDX lists. Some examples of application are:

  •  Create a dynamic entity ranking report based on the current selected entity in the POV.
  • Create a dynamic time series based on the current period and category in the POV.

Read more about this functionality in the Use of variables in MDX Lists article.

New Look and Feel for StoryBoard maintenance and playing

The storyboard navigation has an improved look and feel, check out the StoryBoard article for a preview.

Bug Fixes


  • Top entity member is shown 3 times in POV in SAP BPC
  • The message "You have unsaved changes... " is appeared without any reason
  • Check-box "Visible" doesn't work for cube calculations
  • Mdx list with NULL values doesn't work correctly in Bars and Lines chart
  • If you open a big report in reports menu the spinner is not appeared in CXO-Mobile App


  • Unable to write comments when you e-mail bookmark if you close the popup twice before it (If you open and close the popup twice, after that it's unable to type a text there and buttons become unclickable.)
  • Back button doesn't work in View history popup on iPhone in horizontal position 
  • The first column is shown wrong in Narrative history popup on iPhone in vertical position
  • The button "Refresh" has no icon in Export jobs popup in IE 8 and IE 9
  • The button "Open email dialog" has no icon in IE 8 and IE 9
  • If you don't use inline drills and drill up in IE 8, web-site is hanging
  • The news item is disappeared if you press POV or report's menu buttons in App
  • Reverse sign and reverse valuation issues in Components template
  • Gauge - zero values" doesn't show zero (ensured 0 is visible - hide needle when there is no value)
  • iOS: CXO-Viewer: catch the logout event and refresh the view.
  • Unable to come back to cxo-cockpit after opening exported file on iPad


  • The numbers have unnecessary dot in Excel format
  • Deleting a bookmark shoud give a message "Are you sure..."
  • Missing scroll bar in News Item control
  • Space is underlined in the name of exported file in Export jobs popup
  • Dragging an object on the free format template moves it to the front
  • There are no lines between boxes in Value Tree in PDF and PPT formats