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5.0.2 Release notes

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New Features

Improved draft functionality

The draft functionality has been extended with two new features:

1. Restricted group: A new type of draft user has been introduced, this user can view the draft month but no future periods. Read more about this functionality in the Draft Data article

2. Disable per report: Additionally the draft functionality can now be disabled per report. This feature can be used for forecast or budget reports where the user should be able to select future periods.

Bridge Chart - Predefined Movements

Bridge charts can be now used for non-variance analysis as well. It is possible for example to create a bridge on only the account dimension only. This way you are able to use the bridge chart to explain the differences between Net Sales and Operating Income. Read more about this functionality in the Bridge Control article.

Account Bridge.png

Ability to set the dimension to rollup comments

It is now possible to define what dimension is used for subsidiary comments. Read more about this in Subsidiary Comments article.

Search feature in report menu

It is now possible to (cross menu-group) search reports based on their name. Read more about this in the Navigation section of CXO-Cockpit article.

Improve comment editor

As of now it is possible to drag the comments editor to any place of the screen so you write comments while seeing the whole report.

Bug Fixes


  • POV fixes don't work if you select member from the list
  • Alias table of Essbase does not seem work
  • Error is generated when you try to add an alias-change in the HFM 2012 Integration module
  • Value tree is not shown in IE 8
  • Cube calculations doesn't work in Gauge
  • The wrong order of years in POV in Essbase


  • The application settings "Use current entity..." and "Use current period..." don't work
  • BW doesn't work with cube calculations. Them members when you add them in cube_calc should be with correct postfix.
  • Bar chart legend sticks to bottom of object when the title uses 2 lines
  • The legend of Benchmark is not updated according POV
  • "@@ cur" in Year dimension in POV
  • Unable to select a split dimension form the list in MDX calculation editor
  • There is no setting "Parent Item" of list in the list panel
  • It should allow to have empty items without warning in POV lists
  • Error message, if you copy report with POV list, which has Initial initialization
  • When you done with editing, selection of Annotations is not gone automatically (iOS 7)


  • Selection keeps going back to the top after drilling in table with scroll bar in a free format template
  • Tooltips in value tree don't have the right precision
  • The name of view is not visible, when you delete it from the viewer (iOS 7)
  • When you are editing Annotations, the menu "New annotation" shouldn't be visible
  • When you delete an annotation it would be nice to have a confirmation (iOS 7)