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5.0.3 Release notes

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New Features

Color palette for charts

Copy free format templates

Horizontal orientation for the bars and lines chart

Bug Fixes


  • "Chart colors" are not copied when you copy a palette
  • Bars shouldn't be reversed in Components when you have negative account in dimension settings
  • Web view control is empty
  • The square brackets are not allowed for members within the quotes in the script for scripted storyboard
  • The item with formula takes into account the valuation of the first item in formula instead of dimension in settings
  • Only dimensions in POV should be affected by the row selection in Free format table
  • @@ cur is appeared in Account dimension in POV in Free format tables
  • The colors of bars are wrong in Waterfall report when you have item selector with none-account dimension
  • Wrong version (5.0) in the infobox and installer
  • Variance Percentage Precision doesn't work on Home page
  • The Value Tree report should use the complete space of the screen
  • Item selector works wrong, when you use for it @@cur for Year dimension in the list
  • Error in MDX statement on financial statement when dimension name contains space
  • Suppression No Data and Zeros doesn't work good in Multi-column (TMF)
  • MDX lists in POV should be checked that the text doesn't contain @@cur


  • White row is not appeared when you select something in report's menu on small screen of the desctop
  • The tab "Subsidiary comments" is not hidden, when you select base member in POV
  • Strange connection line is appeared between boxes in Value tree when item has no Parent item (Atradius)
  • Export jobs popup is draggable only one time if you open it by printing buttons
  • Report parameters "Rotate labels" and "Labels Intersect Action" are needed for Bridge
  • We should give clear message that the list shouldn't contain @@cur as a parent member