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5.0.4 Release notes

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New Features

Multi-source Reports

Read more about multi source reports in the Multi Source Report article.

New Installer

Comments Improvements

Switch between children and base in subsidiary comments

Security Improvement - Disable narrative attachments in the comments window

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed headers don't work in IE 8
  • There is no names of bookmarks in the viewer
  • Item selector is double in Multi column reports
  • Print popup looks wrong
  • Unable to play new added bookmark in the storyboard
  • Line has Entity name Instead of Account name in Components
  • Unable to select different dimensions in member details in Financial Statement
  • Average line is disappeared in Benchmark
  • There is no drills in member details in Financial Statement
  • Merged headers don't work on Home Page
  • The legend position is wrong in Bars and Lines chart
  • Design Studio crashes if the name of cube calc contains quotes


  • Arrows in POV is smaller than it should be
  • "Arrow", "Trend Arrow, "Traffic Light", "Bar" and "Bar and Value" formats don't pick up the color of Threshold in free format tables
  • Web-site is hanging if you press "Manage attachments" in IE 8
  • Comments look wrong after you clear or copy subsidiary comments in IE 8
  • When copying a list with a custom description in the details of a formula, these details are not copied over
  • [NEWLINE] doesn't work when you Merge headers in single layer
  • When you create a new application for HFM/HFM2012 or HE then the cube_calculation table is not filled with cube-calcs
  • Headers are not aligned with columns in free format tables (Atradius)
  • Empty values are replaced by zero’s in BW


  • No Title parameter available for Multiscenario Control
  • The sign "&" looks wrong In Item Selector
  • Buttons in menu bar are cut
  • [Cubedate] doesn't work in the left footer text
  • The period name is shown wrong in reports with period charts
  • After the search in the pov the response should be limited with 100 items
  • Wrong scale for "Actual" in the tooltip in Waterfall
  • Tooltip with "&" sign looks wrong