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When you want to benchmark one or more peer groups on an account or any particular KPI derived from the underlying HFM or Hyperion Enterprise system, you use this Template to build your report on. This can be particularly useful for instance for HQ facilities, because usually they would potentially not get access to this kind of underlying data due to the tight security of HFM. For benchmark purposes within the CXO-Cockpit this kind of data can be drawn out of HFM or Hyperion Enterprise.

The screenshot below shows a good example of the use of this document, by looking how fast a certain group of comparable entities are collecting the receivables (DSO).

Benchmark 5.0.png

What is viewed in this example?

  1. The line chart compares the entities within a peer group on one specific account in this example for the current and previous 11 months. You can change the account or KPI (1A) and the peer group (1B) you want to see in the report by clicking on it. By checking the box in front of the entity (1C) you can show or hide the line for that particular entity. By clicking on one of the lines in the chart you can choose switch month which will set the current month one month back. You can also select compared categories, by using a pick list (1D).
  2. The bar charts in the top right shows two categories for an account or KPI (1A) and the entity in the POV for the current and previous five months. By clicking on one of the bars you set the current time to that time period for the entire report. The displayed categories can be changed in the business settings.
  3. The bar chart in the bottom right is the same as the line chart except for the fact it shows two categories for the selected period, in this case February 2009. The displayed categories can be changed in the business settings.