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CXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Create Report

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Create new Report

1. A next step in configuring the Web application is the creation of a new Analytical Report. We are going to create a Profit and Loss statement based on our Financial Statement template.

2. Before we can create that report, we first must create a list with the proper P&L accounts.

3. Click the Maintain Lists button:
   Maintain Lists.png

   The following grid appears:

   Maintain lists 001.png

   There are already five member lists for the Account (ACC) dimension. Press Add sign and word.png and enter the specifications as shown below:
   Enter Values for list.png

   In order to select the account dimension, click ....png to open the following screen:
   Select Account dimension for list.png

   Check Include for account, activate another cell in the grid so the Account row turns green and click close.

   Press OK and then Save.png

   4. Press the ....png button of the newly added list. The following grid for the (empty) list appears:

 New list.png

   5. Press Add sign and word.png to add an item to the List

   6. The first account in the list will be ‘OtherRevenues’:
   Create line in list.png
Change the account into OtherRevenues and leave the rest as it is.

   7. Press OK and Save:
     First line of list.png

   8. Now, enter the following accounts (in this order)
      a. Sales
      b. SalesDiscount
      c. SalesInterco
      d. SalesReturns
      e. NetSales
      f. COGS
      g. IntercoDiffPL
      h. GrossMargin
      i. DirectCosts
      j. TotalDeprAmort
      k. OperatingExpenses
      l. OperatingIncome
      m. InterestInc(Exp)
      n. IncomeBeforeTaxes
      o. Taxes
      p. NetProfit

Don’t forget to Save

   9. The result must look like:

     P and L list as it should be.png

 Now we want to use this Member list in a report and the report in turn must be added to a menu-group.

   10. Go to the Templates section and select 'Reports by Template' if necessary. To create a report, we first select one of the available templates. In this case we select the Financial Statement template.
        Create report from template open.png

        Right-click the template and select ‘Create new report’.

   11. The New Report Name will be ‘Profit and Loss’.

        Create report from template first screen.png

        Leave the rest unchanged and press Next.

   12. In the Menu & Authorization screen, click Profit and Loss under Profit as shown below.
         Create report from template assign menu.png
         Click Next and Finish.

   13. Now the Report still uses the wrong list. To specify the new 'P and L' list, select the Report Parameters window (right of the Preview window) and click in the Value field of the Rows parameter. Select 'P and L':

         Advanced Report Parameters.png

   15. Format the report as you like (use existing formats or create new ones).

   16. If we now re-logon to the Web application, we will be able to access our new report (check it)

Now the final result could look like:

Result of first own report.png