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CXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Format Report

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Format Home Page

Now, there are a few things we might want to do to make this screen look better and have more analytic power. We will perform these changes in the Design Studio:

   1. First we will make sure that Net Profit is viewed as a Total (ignore the fact that it is not a total from a numerical point of view). We will do so by adding a summation line above the row and by making it bold. This means that we have to change the format of the last row of the List that is used to define the rows of the Home page (named ProfitandLoss; see the list below the Preview Panel).

Click in the Format column of the 3rd row and select a Format called Default Total:

    Set pre configured format.png

The Format ‘Default Total’ is one of the pre-configured formats. However, to e.g. put a row to bold, and turn the color red we have to create a format ourselves. First save the altered List by pressing the Save button.

   2. Press the Maintain Formats button
   Maintain Formats Button.png

   3. A list of Formats appears:

   Maintain Formats.png

   4. Click Add sign and word.png to add a new Format.

   5. Enter the following:

      a. Name: Red_bold
      b. Font Style: Bold
      c. Fore Color: Select a red color
   Keep the rest of the values as they are.

Add red bold format.png

   Press OK and then Save.png.

   6. Now we will assign this new format to the Direct Costs account of the Home page (2nd row of the ProfitAndLoss List): In the ‘Direct Costs’ row, click in the Format field and select the new format called 'Red_bold' and click OK.
   Change Format in list.png

When we look at the preview, the result must look like:

   Formats result.png

The accounts are now displayed in Thousands and no decimals are added. We are going to change the scaling in Millions and make sure that we have 2 decimals:

   10. In the Report Parameters section we will select advanced. And then select Millions and OK:

   Change scaling in report parameters.png

   11. select Millions and press OK (or Enter).

   12. Secondly, change the Precision by simply changing the 0 into a 2 (2 decimals):
         Change Scale in parameters.png

   13. Save the new Parameter values and close the dialog. In the Preview panel, the result must now be:

      Formats result after scale and preci.png