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CXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Repair Meta-data Mismatches

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Repair Meta-data Mismatches

After closing the HFM Integration Settings, the Preview section in the Design Studio will show errors. These errors are caused by the fact that the dimension-specifications for the Reports are incorrect and do not match with the dimension-members we just extracted from HFM. A quick repair can be carried out by assigning the correct values to the pre-defined dimension variables. 

1. To assign values to variables, click the Maintain Variables button:
    Maintain Variables button.png

2. When the Maintain variables window for the first time, you can see that a lot of variables do not have a proper value yet.

   Broken variables.png

The @A01 … @A06 variables can be used to store the default (total) members of the analytical dimensions A01 … A06. The numbers correspond to the Analytical Dimension numbers in the mapping of the HFM Custom dimensions (see last column):

   Custom Dimension Mappings - Finished.png

The @ACC variables can be used to store certain accounts, etc.

You can edit the Dimension Value field by clicking on it and start typing. After editing the row colors green.

3. Assign the proper value to @A01_Total by activating the Value field and selecting 'TotalProducts'. After editing the row colors green. Save your change.
   Broken variables first fix.png

4. Now give all variables a proper value. The end result (after saving) should look exactly like:
   Broken variables all fixed.png

Note that @A05 and @A06 Variables remain red. This is because none of the Custom Dimension mappings use A05 or A06 as a Technical Dimension name. You can choose to delete them or just leave them. We choose to leave them.

5. After finishing this repair action (and pressing the combination 'CXO -  Reload Preview and Reload Meta-data') the preview should look OK now. If you now logon to the Website, the result will look like:
   First web view after correcting variables.png