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CXO-Cockpit Server Configurator

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CXO-Cockpit Server Configurator is a tool, which is used to modify and maintain server settings and is installed on CXO-Cockpit Application Server. 

CXO-Cockpit Server Configurator Functionality

The Configurator includes the following tabs:

  • Applications
  • Settings
  • Lisence Key
  • Logs
  • Maintenance
  • Configuration


Applications menu includes all existing CXO applications. From this tab you can add a new application. 

The detailed information on how to add a CXO application can be found in this article.

Configurator Applications.png


Settings menu contains all the settings from the configuration files:

Configurator Settings.png

License Key

License Key menu of the Configurator includes the CXO-Cockpit license key and its details.

When required, License Key can be modified in this menu.

Configurator Lisence Key.png


The Logs menu contains all MDX log files of the applications.
From this section you can perform problem diagnostic by analyzing the application logs.

MDX logs for CXO-Cockpit web application are inlcuded into the MDX logs tab. The MDX logs which contain errors will be highlighted with red. The full MDX log is displayed in the section on the right:

Configurator Logs.png

Other tabs (Web Site, Design Studio, Export Storyboard Service, Agent Service and Configurator) tabs include the logs of CXO-Cockpit components.


The Maintenance section of the Configurator lists local services and common actions:

Configurator Maintenance.png

By using this menu the users can stop/restart Export Service (e.g. if printing fails) and Agent Service.

The Common Actions menu is mainly used by CXO-Cockpit support team to administer the upgrades of the CXO-Cokpit. This menu inclused the following actions:

  • Change master data base command allows to connect the application to another database or to create a new master database. Master database represents a database on SQL server. It contains global features and links on CXO-Cockpit applications. Every CXO-Cockpit installation has one Master Database. You might need to change the Master Database if the SQL server has been moved to a different location. When you choose Change master database command, CXO-Cockpit Installation Wizard will be opened:

CXO-Cockpit Installation Wizard.png

In Database Selection section you can specify the connection to the required database.

In case database upgrade is required, specify SQL server backup settings in Database Upgrade section:

Database upgrade window.png

The License key details will appear in Lisence Key section:


Once you press Next and Finish, a new master database conneciton will be set up.

  • Create a backup - ensures that the backup of the application is created before it is unistalled
  • Uninstall CXO-Cockpit - performs unistallation of the CXO-Cockpit before the upgraded version is installed
  • Restore configuration files - ensures that the config files are restored from the created backup
  • Upgrade config files - allows to make the configuration files up to date (e.g. if previously the config files were replaced in a wrong way while upgrading the application)


The Configuration section of the Configurator contains all CXO-Cockpit configuration files and CXO-Cockpit components.

This menu is used by CXO-Cockpit Support team for issue diagnostics and maintenance (e.g. the location of a particular config file can be changed from here).

Configurator Configuration.png