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CXO-Design Studio

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CXO-Design Studio
CXO Design Studio.png
Product name CXO-Design Studio
Current Version 5.0.1
Technology Windows 32 & 64 bit operating systems


The CXO-Design studio is the place where CXO-Cockpit reports and CXO-Views can be designed and maintained.
This article describes the main features and layout of the CXO-Design Studio.

If you have specific questions check out our Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question is answered here.

You can also check out our Tips and Tricks to read about implementation best practices.


After logging into a CXO-Cockpit Application using the Login Dialog you can use the CXO- Design Studio.

The CXO-Design Studio has the following main functions:

User Interface

Panel Layout

Design Studio Panels.png
CXO-Design Studio uses a panel layout that allows you to easilly configure reports.

The default panel layout (see screenshot) can be changed simply by dragging and dropping panels at different places. The customised panel layout will be saved induvidually for each user. The CXO-Design studio always has a current report or template that is being administered.

1. Preview Panel

The preview panel contains a preview of the current report. Any changes to report parameters, dimensions and lists will be directly shown in the preview panel.

Most report features are fully functional, only cross report navigation is disabled.

2. Report Panel

The main task of report panel is used to select a different report or template as current report. The reports are shown in a tree view in two different hierachies:

  • Reports by Menu: Reports are grouped by their menu, this view only shows reports that appear in the menu
  • Reports by Template: Reports are grouped by their template, this view will contain all reports

Besides selecting a new current report, the report panel can be used for other functionality like:

  • Reports: 'Delete', 'Copy', 'Rename', 'Place in Menu' and 'About'
  • Menu items: 'Delete', 'Rename' and 'Move'
  • Templates: 'Rename','Copy' , 'Create new report from template' and 'About'

3. Parameter Panel

The parameter panel contains all settings related to the current report, it contains two tabs:

4. List Panel

The list panel contains a tab for every List that is defined in the 'Report Parameters'. Use this panel to change list members, formats, formulas, etc.

System Menu

Design Studio CXO Menu.PNG
The menu that apears after clicking the "CXO" logo in the left top of the screen is the 'System Menu'. This menu contains general commands that are not directly related to setting up reports. Most important features of the system menu are:
  • Access the Administrative Wizards
  • Access the Integration Adapters
  • Reload the preview screen and reload the metadata (this is helpfull if something changed to the metadata outside the design studio, or if the previewer should relogon)
  • Refresh, Save and Cancel metadata changes (also available in the toolbar at the top)
  • Logoff (restarts the design studio)
  • Access the System Settings
  • Exit the design studio

Ribbon Bar

The CXO-Design studio is using a so called 'Ribbon Interface'. The 'Ribbon Interface' helps the user to setup CXO-Cockpit in a intuitive way. The CXO-Design Studio ribbon bar contains four ribbons:

Report Administration Ribbon

CXO-Design Studio - report ribbon.png

The Report Administration Ribbon contains the commands to create and maintain reports.

  • Create New Report: This button starts the Create New Report Wizard (this can also be done from the report panel by right clicking on the required template and selecting 'Add New'
  • Create New Template: This button starts the Create New Template wizard, which guides you through the steps to create a Free Format Template
  • Menu Items: This button opens the Maintain Menu Groups administration where new menu groups can be added, edited and deleted as well as menu items. A preview of the menu can be seen in the report panel (report by menu)
  • Reports: Opens the Maintain Reports window
  • Cube Calculations: Opens the Maintain Cube Calculations window
  • Maintain Lists: Opens the CXO-Cockpit maintentance window for lists. Use this command to add, copy, delete, rename or maintain lists.
  • Maintain Formats: Opens the Maintain Formats window
  • Maintain Variables: Opens the Maintain Dimension Variables window
  • Narrative Templates: Opens the Maintain Narrative Templates window
  • Maintain Help Texts: Opens a list where you can maintain Help Texts. Check this function to enable.

CXO-Design Studio - security ribbon.png
Security and Navigation Ribbon

The security ribbon contains all commands to set up security.

  • Preview User: Select a user profile that will be used for the CXO report previewer in the preview pane. By selecting a user profile different from your own, you can test how the cockpit looks (Menu & POV bar) for that specific user.
  • Groups & Security: read the user groups article
  • Users: read the User article
  • Report Authorisation: read the Report Authorisation article

CXO-Design Studio - view ribbon.png
View Ribbon

On the view ribbon the look and feel of the design studio and previewer can be changed.

  • Show/Hide: Select which bars to show or hide, hide all bars in order to maximize the preview screen.
  • Zoom: Use the zoom function in order to zoom out the previewer in case of not everything fits in the screen.

Other Ribbon.png
Other Ribbon

The other ribbon contains buttons for:

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