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Since the popular mobile devices are adopted by C-level management of major organizations at a surprisingly fast pace, we have developed a series of mobile applications to meet the expectations of these key users. Our mobile applications bring all functionality of the CXO-Cockpit web-applications iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices, and add functionality that make it even easier and more user-friendly for mobile users.

Basic Functionality of CXO-Cockpit mobile applications

All CXO-Cockpit reports are compatible with the iPad, iPhone and Android apps. There are no adjustments required to the reports in order to run them on a mobile platform.

All regular analysis features of the CXO-Cockpit reports work the same as in the CXO-Cockpit web application.
The only difference between navigating through a mobile app and the standard CXO-Cockpit web app is that Report Menus are included into the Instrument Panel on top of the screen:

IPad 5.0 navigation new.png

Please, refer to this article to learn about login, navigation and other main features of CXO-Cockpit mobile applications.

Links to download CXO-Cockpit mobile applications

CXO-Viewer Mobile App

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