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Viewer 5.0.png
Product name CXO-Viewer
Current Version 5.0
Technology Web technology, IE compatible


CXO-Viewer is an integral part of CXO-Cockpit and allows users to use the Cockpit without log-in. CXO-Viewer is a simplified presentation mode within CXO-Cockpit that is distributed via a secured URL. CXO-Viewer is ideal to distribute your month-end, quarter-end or flash results to a larger audience. Users would not require prior training and users do not have to worry about menu navigation or Point Of View (POV) selections, because all relevant financial key information is presented in a simple format.

Main Functionality


CXO-Cockpit allows you with no or limited knowledge on the source system to take maximum advantage of the OLAP analysis. Every report has a pre-defined logical analysis flow that guides you from high level overviews to detailed analysis. Check the analytical capabilities per report in the CXO-Cockpit Templates article.

Creating a View

The view is created by the user from the Storyboards dialog enter the Storyboards dialog from the shortcuts panel

Create storyboard shortcut.png

Follow the link here to see a more detailed description of the Create view process

Create CXO-View


The CXO-Viewer has a simple way of navigation. The basic navigation works with page forward and page backward buttons.

CXO Viewer 2.png

The CXO-Viewer that is based on the CXO-Cockpit StoryBoard technology has the following (see image) navigation options:

  1. Dropdown with all reports (pages) in this specific view
  2. Move to beginning (first page)
  3. One page back
  4. One page forward
  5. Logout from the viewer
  6. The point of view bar (inactive) showing the dimension values for the current report
  7. Print the whole view as a book or print a single view page

Note: The CXO-Cockpit menu bar is not visible and the CXO-Cockpit point of view bar is not active

Printing & Exporting

Any report in the CXO-Viewer can be printed to PDF and Microsoft Powerpoint, all reports containing datagrids can be exported to Microsoft Excel as well. Read more on printing and exporting single pages in the Print/Export Reports article.

You can also print/export full CXO-Views. Read more on printing and exporting CXO-Views in the Export CXO-View article.

CXO-Viewer Security Concept

CXO-Views are easy to create and to email to anybody within the organization. The security profile of the sender is used for the receiver of the view, so the recipient can see the view in the same way as the sender. This could raise questions about lack of security, but it is not really true. Sending a view is just a (better) alternative for sending out exported or printed documents. Take a look at the following arguments:

  • CXO-Views are fixed for the POV and contain a fixed number of reports, this static behaviour is similar to a printed/exported documents
  • CXO-Views can only be opened when you know the unique GUID, this key can not be guessed
  • CXO-Cockpit users decide to who they want to send out the view and take their own resposibility for this
  • CXO-Views can not be accessed from outside your own network, this is even more secure than exporting/printing where these documents can easilly be brought outside the company

 Help & Support

Additional Help & Support options:

  • Press the question mark button in the toolbar of the CXO-Cockpit to activate on-screen help
  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions

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