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The reports built based on this template are used to analyze the different components of an account. With these reports you will be able to see the trend of the account build up. But you can also see the trend per component for two categories.

A report to analyze working capital is a good example of how to use this template. You will be able to see the development of working capital as a whole and the contribution of the different components to it.

This type of dashboard was suggested by one of the CXO-Cockpit community members and successfully implemented in the following release so other community members can use it as well.

Components 5.0.png

What is shown in this graph within this template?

  1. This bar chart enables a break down of an account (e.g., Working Capital) into its components over the current and the last 12 months or any other time interval. In the business settings you can change the account list. This is also the place where you can change the number of months you look back. By clicking on one of the bars in the chart you set that month as the current month. But it also determines the current month for top right bar chart.
  2. The upper right bar chart shows a breakdown of the selected account into its components in the current month for two categories.
  3. The lower right bar chart gives a trend of the selected component over the current and the last five months for two categories. When the report opens it shows the first component. The displayed categories can of course be changed in the business settings.
  4. You can select the compared categories, by using the pick list on the main chart
  5. You can select the components, by using the pick list on the lower right chart