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Create new CXO-Application

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A new application is created with the CXO-Cockpit Server Configurator.

You can add a new CXO-Cockpit application by using Applications menu of the Configurator.  

Create New Application Steps

1. To create a new CXO-Cockpit application go to Application section of the Configurator and press "Add"

Configurator Add Application 1.png

2. In the opened window specify the following attributes:

  • Name - write the name of the new application:

Configurator Add Application 3.png

  • Database - create or select the existing repository database, specify the server for the application, authentication method, database user name and password:

Configurator Add Application 2.png 

  • Once you fill in the application details in Database section, the server name, user name and the order of the application will be filled in automatically:

Configurator Add Application 4.png

  • By default Export, Agent and Website services will be enabled:

Configurator Add Application 5.png

Next Steps

The application needs still to be configured to connect to a source system. There are two ways to achieve this: