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Email Bookmark

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The "Email Bookmark" feature allows you to create a snapshot (Bookmark) of a report and send it to another user through email. This feature can be used for the following:

  • Ask questions about the numbers
  • Share thoughts/analysis about the numbers
  • Send out an alert to other users or groups of users

In order to email the bookmark use E-mail Bookmark menu.

After this set the bookmark name, insert your comments to the bookmarl and press "Open email dialog" button. An e-mail with the bookmark URL will be created. When you press "Click here to open your e-mail client" button, your default email client will be started with a new email containing a unique URL to the bookmark. You can send this email to anybody, but the recipient needs to have a CXO-Cockpit account in order to open the bookmark.


Email bookmark 1.png

E-mail bookmarks 2 5.0.png


  • The recipient needs be a CXO-Cockpit user
  • The recipient needs to have access rights to the bookmarked reports
  • The recipient needs to have access rights to the bookmarked POV


I have been sent a CXO-Cockpit bookmark email, but it does not open correctly