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Email StoryBoard

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If you want to share your StoryBoard with another CXO-Cockpit user, you can send it by email. Take the following steps to send a StoryBoard:

  1. Go to Maintain StoryBoard Menu
  2. Select the StoryBoard you want send on the home screen
  3. Select  "Email" option from the panel above the report images 
  4. You Email client will open with a new email, containing a URL to your StoryBoard. 
  5. The recipient of the Email can click the link and the CXO-Cockpit will be started with the new StoryBoard.

Note: You will only send a reference to a StoryBoard. The sender of the storyboard remains the owner and can apply changes. The recipient can only view the StoryBoard.

Create storyboard shortcut.png

Email storyboard 1.png