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Export StoryBoard

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Storyboards can be exported from any report using the panel at the top of the report

  • PDF
  • Excel (only excel enabled templates will be exported)
  • Powerpoint
  • Via email to another user (StoryBoard will not be exported but a link will be send via email)
  • Send StoryBoard as View. Read more about the CXO-Viewer in the article.

Follow these steps to export a StoryBoard:

1. Go to Maintain StoryBoard menu:

Create storyboard shortcut.png

2. Select the required StoryBoard and press "Export":

Export storyboard 1.png

3. Choose the export type for the StoryBoard (PDF, Excel or PowerPoint) and set the POV Fixes if necessary. After that press "Export Storyboard" button:

Export storyboard 2.png

4. You will see the status of your export job in a separate window. By using "Refresh" button you can check the export status. Once the job is exported the status will change to "Completed" and you will be able to open the exported file:

Export storyboard 3.png