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This template can be used to build a homepage. The homepage will represent the entry point of the CXO-Cockpit and will give the end-user a quick overview how the company is performing against it most important KPI’s.

It is also possible to create a user defined Homepage using a Free Format Template or any other Standard Template.

The Home Report - Homepage for each user is assigned within the user group that they belong to Maintain User group

Home page 5.0.png

What is shown on the Homepage?

  1. This represents a list of KPI’s or accounts from your company. This can be any KPI or account that is derived from HFM or Hyperion Enterprise. You can create more KPI’s if you prefer. The KPI’s are interactive, which means you can drill down on them for further detail on period and YTD basis. In this case you see that Operating Expenses are highlighted and show in detail per entity.
  2. You can view the KPI’s from an Actual perspective in the actual column.
  3. You can also view the KPI’s from a Budget perspective. In this column we can represent any category that has been defined in the underlying HFM or HE model. For instance comparison with forecast, end of last year, last year actual etc. are all possible within this pick list.
  4. In the graph the orange dots represent budget figures, the bars represent actual data, where the signal color green represents the fact that actual figures are above budget and red is below budget, which of course depends whether you are looking at costs or for instance revenue.
  5. You can view the selected account by the custom dimensions (for instance entity, product, customers, channel, etc) that are defined in the underlying HFM or HE model.
  6. In this section you can see recent news