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How do I configure CXO-Cockpit to use the Active Directory to authorize the users?

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CXO-Cockpit can authorize users using Active Directory Domain Accounts for login. This article explains here how you can do this.

Each domain user needs to be registered in the CXO-Cockpit application. For an existing application you will need to setup an initial domain user in the Cockpit before switching to domain authentication:

1) Add Domain User to the “Maintain Users” list (Note: The”User ID” column should contain the user’s domain account name and the “Location” column should be filled with the “fully qualified” domain name:
2) Configure the CXO-Cockpit and CXO-Viewer Websites, and the Design Studio to use Domain Authentication. Modify the .config file for these applications and in the “appSettings” section, change the “Authentication Provider” key so that the “value” is “MSAD”:

3) The “Maintain Users” list should now appear differently, reflecting the information required to register a domain user(Note: The “Location” column has now changed and is the “Domain” column). When adding new users the “Domain” column will now invoke a popup contain a list of possible domains:

4) If the Domain (or Domains) does not appear in the Login page, then you have to add the Domains manually in the Domains Filter of the .config files:


You can enter multiple domains. Use ; as a separator.