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Hyperion Financial Management: Batch Load

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Running the HFM extraction with a Batch-procedure

To start the extraction of data from HFM through a Scheduled Task on the server, you first have to create a batch file with the appropriate command line(s). Give the batch file a logical name like <Load Set name>.bat. You can put it on any location on the CXO-Cockpit application server, but note that the Active Directory user used for the Scheduled Task has Write and Execute rights on that folder.

This command-line has the following structure:

"C:\Program Files\CXO Solutions\ CXO-Cockpit Design Studio \CXO.Cockpit.Administration.exe" /HFM /APP:Production /LS_NAME:SinglePer /PC:Y /SRC:sample

The location of the executable CXO.Cockpit.Administration.exe usually is as in the two examples above, but is can also be on another drive (D:\).

The arguments:

  • /HFM – indicates that the extraction is done from Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
  • /APP:… – the name of the CXO-Cockpit application (see 'Source' in login-dialog of the Design Studio)
  • /LS_NAME:… – the name of the Load Set specifying the extraction detail. Check the name in the Load Sets tab of the Integration Settings window. You can enter here the name of the base set (for full data extraction) and an incremental set.
  • /PC:… – Y means that you want to process the OLAP database after finishing the extraction. N means that you want to skip this step.
  • /SRC:… – the name of the Source System that connects to the HFM application.

The name of the Source System can be found in:

If the Load Set name or the name of the Source System has spaces, the whole argument must be put between double quotes, like:

"C:\Program Files\CXO Solutions\ CXO-Cockpit Design Studio \CXO.Cockpit.Administration.exe" /HFM /APP:Production "/LS_NAME:Inc Set" /PC:Y

You can put multiple Command lines in one batch file. As a rule, only the last one will have /PC:Y

Scheduling the extraction task

In the Control Panel you can create a task that invokes the batch at a certain moment or with a certain interval. Read more about scheduling task in the Schedule Windows Tasks article.