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Multiple Scenario Analysis

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Multiple Scenario Analysis

This template is used to analyze up to 6 scenarios such as Budget, Actual, Last Year within one main chart over a specified time period which can be monthly , quarterly etc... It is typical to show the Actual data up to the current period and then show either budget or forecast if it exists for the remaining periods of the year. To view the likely outcome at any selected time period for the specific selected item, e.g. Account, the time period in the side panel can be selected by clicking on the appropriate bar in the main panel display (e.g. to show November on the side panel click on the November panel in the main panel display).

In the side panel it is possible to view the selected item from the item selector list broken down by any of the available dimensions for that item. It shows the first 2 scenarios from scenario list, in the first column, e.g. actuals up to current period and forecast in the periods beyond the current period. This scenario is then compared with the third scenario in the scenario list, e.g. Budget and a variance indicator is displayed. It is also possible to drill down within the side panel for any alternative dimension that is available.

The remaining 3 scenarios in the scenario list are shown as lines in the report to show and compare the trend against for example Last Year or Rolling Forecast 

Multiple Scenario 5.0.png

1. Item selector - click the drop down to select the required item from the list.

2. Click on any period in the bars in the main display to set the period for the side panel display.

3. Use the Dimension selector to select any alternative dimensional analysis of the main item.

4. Drill down the selected dimensional analysis by clicking on the + button