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You can navigate through CXO-Cockpit reports by browsing the menu. Each report in the menu has a unique name explaining the contents of the report. 
Another way of navigating through reports is the Storyboard functionality, find more out about this functionality in the StoryBoard article.
There are also several ways to navigate within reports. Some of the possibilities are:

  • Changing The POV (Point Of View)
  • Drill down along dimensions
  • Change the reports Scale and Precision

Navigation along Reports

browsing the menu

You can navigate to any report by choosing it from the menu.

Navigation - browing the menu - 5.0.png

It is also possible to search through all available reports within the menus by using the Search option, enter at least 3 characters and any matching reports will be available within the menu display

Search menu.png


Additionally, you can navigate to reports by using the Story board. The Storyboard is an extremely powerful tool to share CXO-Cockpit information with each other.

The Storyboard is a string of bookmarks put together, delivering a full story during a board or controllers meeting. The Storyboard prevents the presenter from getting lost and guides him or her through the presentation with a media player type of tooling as shown besides. Read more about it in the StoryBoard article.  

Navigation within Reports

There are several ways to navigate within reports.

POV (Point Of View)

The POV is available in every single report within the CXO-Cockpit. The POV in combination with the variables in the report determine the information you will see in a report. The number of dimensions in the POV is determined by the CXO-Cockpit Captain and can be changed in the CXO-Design Studio. In the Point of View Bar page you can read more about it, including the use of Lists and a search functionality.

POV 1.png

Select Reference Scenario

In many reports you can select Reference Scenarios from a drop down list. The reference scenario selector allows you to select to which set of data you want to compare the main set of data and calculate the variances.

 Ref scenario 5.0.png


Many CXO-Cockpit reports offer drill functionality.

Whenever you see CXO-Cockpit - icons - Drill triangle.png You kan drill down on that dimension.


Drills 5.0.png

To roll up the drill use "-" button next to the parent item: 

 Drill up 5.0.png     


You can change the scaling and precision by clicking Amounts in XXXX. Here you can change the report scale and the report precision (How many decimals)

Change scale and precision 5.0.png