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Period Frequency

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Period Frequency Setting is an obligatory step during the initial rollout of CXO-Cockpit on free models.

You need to define the Period dimension members to be used in cockpit and map them to the parent members of the Period hierarchy.


Period Frequency.png

Attribute Description
Path The path of a particular Period dimension member to the highest level of Period hierarchy. The path is derived automatically bases on the defined Parent members.
Period Member Select a member from the list of Period dimension. List all the Period members, which need to be present in CXO-Cockpit.
Frequency The time frequency of the related Period dimension member. You need to map all Period members to the related frequency (e.g. Year -> Y, Quarter -> Q, Month ->M)
Order The order, in which Period dimension should appear within the hierarchy level.
Parent The parent member of the related Period dimension member. Define the Parent member for every Period member under the highest level of Period hierarchy.