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5.0.1 Release notes5.0.2 Release notes5.0.3 Release notes
5.0.4 Release notesAVG & AVGRActive Directory Security
Add Bookmark to StoryBoardAdd CXO-Application to Website
Adding Attachments to POV CommentsAdministrative WizardsApplication Setting
ArchitectureAutomatic LoginBackup Strategy
Batch loading of source system dataBenchmarkBookmark
Bridge ControlBrowser ControlCXO-API
CXO-CockpitCXO-Cockpit ApplicationCXO-Cockpit Captain
CXO-Cockpit Client CompatibilityCXO-Cockpit Mobile Rollout ConsiderationsCXO-Cockpit Print Server: How should I configure it?
CXO-Cockpit Report TypesCXO-Cockpit Reporting SuiteCXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite 4.1 Release Notes
CXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite 4.2 Release NotesCXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite 4.3.2 Release NotesCXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite 4.3.3 Release Notes
CXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite 4.3.4 Release NotesCXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite 4.3 Release NotesCXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite 5.0 Release Notes
CXO-Cockpit Security modelCXO-Cockpit Self Study GuideCXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Create New Application
CXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Create ReportCXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Create Web ConnectionCXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Data Extraction
CXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Format ReportCXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Meta Data ExtractionCXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Repair Meta-data Mismatches
CXO-Cockpit Server ConfiguratorCXO-Design StudioCXO-Design Studio Maintenance Screens
CXO-Mobile App
CXO-Mobile App ConfigurationCXO-ObjectCXO-Repository
CXO-ViewerCXO-Viewer Mobile AppCXO-Workbook
Calculated Members
Calculated Members: What to do if I cannot find my calculated member in the Viewer?Central TopChange CXO-Application at the Website
Change Order of StoryBoard ItemsChange Print Orientation of StoryBoard Items
Change number format of negative numbersChange passwordChart Bar Style
Chart Dash StyleChart Line StyleChart Shape Style
Color PickerColumns ListComments and Narratives
Compare TrendComponentsConfigure Connection to HFM
Configure a multiple source cockpitConfigure new Application WizardConfiguring API
Configuring HFM Database accessCopy Selected StoryBoard to Scripted StoryBoard
Copy StoryBoardCreate CXO-ViewCreate New Report Wizard
Create Scripted StoryBoardCreate StoryBoardCreate a 'About us' Free Format Template
Create new CXO-ApplicationDimension
Dimension MappingDimension MemberDimension Split
Dimension VariableDraft DataDrill List
Dynamic Label ExpressionsDynamically Generated ListEdit Comments
Email BookmarkEmail StoryBoardEssbase Authentication Plugin
Export CXO-ViewExport StoryBoardExport Tasks
Fact DatabaseFinancial StatementFinancial Statement: How can I manage the breakdown dimensions in the report?
Financial Statement: I don´t like the variance bars, can I change the chart style or remove the variances?For the commentary sections in the dashboard tool, is it possible to create a template format?Format
FormulaFree Format TemplateFree Model
Gauge ControlGenerate Previews functionalityGeneric Report Parameters
HFM Live LinkHFM data-extract: why do selected dimension members not show up?HTML Upload Report
Hide columns based on the point of view selectionHide irrelevant cells on Multi Column reportsHomepage
How can I apply conditional formatting?How can I change the contents of the domain selector in the CXO-Cockpit web client?How can I configure my report to use quarters instead of months?
How can I make use of a different Essbase Alias table?How can I see in what reports a specific list is used?How can I set a different Home Page?
How can I update the license key?How do I Upload an Image to Use in a Browser Control?How do I configure CXO-Cockpit to use the Active Directory to authorize the users?
How do I configure CXO-Cockpit to use the LDAP to authorize the users?How do I put a PowerPoint slide or a picture in a StoryBoard?How does CXO-Cockpit coordinate with the process management from HFM?
How to change the website timeout limit?How to customise the web interface so I get my company logo?How to use SQL query as Custom Description
Hyperion EnterpriseHyperion Enterprise:Batch LoadHyperion Essbase
Hyperion Essbase - Integration AdapterHyperion Essbase - OLAP ConnectorHyperion Financial Management
Hyperion Financial Management: Batch LoadIPad & iPhone App ConfigurationI have been sent a CXO-Cockpit bookmark email, but it does not open correctly
I need to substract two values, how can I do that?I want to give my formula a description, how can I do that?In the CXO-Design Studio, is there a way to create a dynamic list?
Initial TopInstallation
Installation PrerequisitesIntegration AdaptersIs CXO-Cockpit SOX Compliant?
Is there any way to use security filters to show multiple hierarchies in the POV selection box?Item SelectorLDAP
Label ControlLimit Metadata with MDX FiltersList
List DimensionsList Item (Parameter)List in POV
Login DialogMDX ListMDX Set Expression
MDX and Rules EditorMULTMain Page
Maintain HFM SynchronisationMaintain Load SetsMaintain Menu Groups
Maintaining Color PalettesMaster DatabaseMaximum Variance
Maximum variance DisplayMicrosoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)Multi-Column:Create a rolling year overview with actuals untill the current period and forecast for the future periods
Multi-Column:How can I add a row with just text (label) and no numbers?Multi-Column: How can I fix the headers?Multi Column
Multi Source ReportMultiple Bar & Line ChartsMultiple Bar & Line Charts Control
Multiple Bars and LinesMultiple Scenario AnalysisMultiple Scenario Control
My numbers seem wrong or absent, could that have to do with my security filters?My print job does not get processed or fails, what did I do wrong?Narrative Template Examples
NavigationNew Reporting PeriodNews Items
Numeric PairPOVMemberDepthLimitPOV Fixes
ParametersPassword ExpirationPeriod Frequency
Pick ListPie Chart ControlPoint of View Bar
Point of View Security FiltersPortfolioPrecision
Predefined MovementsPrint/Export ReportsProprietary Security
RATRankingReference Pick List
Relative TrendRelease NotesReport Authorisation
Report Configuration: Benchmark TemplateReport Configuration: Compare Trend TemplateReport Configuration: Components Template
Report Configuration: Financial Statement TemplateReport Configuration: Homepage TemplateReport Configuration: Multi-Column Template
Report Configuration: Multiple Bar & Line Charts TemplateReport Configuration: Multiple Scenario Analysis TemplateReport Configuration: Portfolio Template
Report Configuration: Ranking TemplateReport Configuration: Relative Trend TemplateReport Configuration: Trends Template
Report Configuration: Value Tree Homepage TemplateReport Configuration: Value Tree TemplateReport Configuration: Waterfall Template
Report Configuration: Website TemplateReport DimensionsReport Link Control
ReportsReverse sign for SAP NetweaverRows List
Rules EditorSAP BPCSAP BPC NetWeaver
SUM & SUMRScaleSchedule.xml
Scripted StoryBoardShow MS-Office, HTML and picture content information in StoryboardsShowing Actuals at Actuals Rate and Budget Rate
Showing Forecast versionsSome reports are missing after a StoryBoard was sentSource System
Staging DatabaseStatisticsStoryBoard
SupportSuppress TypeSystem Settings
Table ControlTagetikTemplate
The AVGR and SUMR values do not show the right averages and sumsThe SUMR function does not include invisible members in a list. How can I include invisible members in a list?
Time Series ListTrendsTurn on MDX Logging to investigate data or performance issues
Use CXO-Cockpit only for the application adapterUse a different preview user to test the security filters for a specific user profileUse the Excel Export functionality to quickly check/calculate your account statements
UserUser Roles Regarding CommentsUser group
VARValuationValue Tree
Value Tree ListVariance StyleVariance Threshold
View and Compare Comments HistoryWaterfall
Web.configWhat is Free Format Template?What to do in case of error: "The identity of application pool 'CXOcockpit' is invalid"
When opening an exported Excel file I get a warning that the file is in a different format than specified by the file extensionWhich browsers are supported by CXO-Cockpit?Why can I not change the contents of my StoryBoard?
Why do I get errors and/or empty results on formulas?Why does my print/export job not inmediatly get processed?Why don't I see all dimension members in the POV Bar?