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  1. 5.0.3 Release notes
  2. 5.0.4 Release notes
  3. Automatic Login
  4. Backup Strategy
  5. Batch loading of source system data
  6. CXO-API
  7. CXO-Cockpit Mobile Rollout Considerations
  8. CXO-Cockpit Print Server: How should I configure it?
  9. CXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite 4.1 Release Notes
  10. CXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite 4.2 Release Notes
  11. CXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite 4.3 Release Notes
  12. CXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite 5.0 Release Notes
  13. Calculated Members: What to do if I cannot find my calculated member in the Viewer?
  14. Change number format of negative numbers
  15. For the commentary sections in the dashboard tool, is it possible to create a template format?
  16. Generate Previews functionality
  17. HFM data-extract: why do selected dimension members not show up?
  18. How can I see in what reports a specific list is used?
  19. How can I set a different Home Page?
  20. How does CXO-Cockpit coordinate with the process management from HFM?
  21. How to use SQL query as Custom Description
  22. IPad & iPhone App Configuration
  23. In the CXO-Design Studio, is there a way to create a dynamic list?
  24. Is CXO-Cockpit SOX Compliant?
  25. Main Page
  26. Maintain HFM Synchronisation
  27. Numeric Pair
  28. Password Expiration
  29. Precision
  30. Predefined Movements
  31. Release Notes
  32. SAP BPC NetWeaver
  33. Show MS-Office, HTML and picture content information in Storyboards
  34. Showing Actuals at Actuals Rate and Budget Rate
  35. Showing Forecast versions
  36. The SUMR function does not include invisible members in a list. How can I include invisible members in a list?
  37. What to do in case of error: "The identity of application pool 'CXOcockpit' is invalid"
  38. Why do I get errors and/or empty results on formulas?

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