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Change Print Orientation of StoryBoard Items

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A StoryBoard contains items that have a specific print orientation. In order to change the print orientation of the Storyboard items follow these steps:

  1. Select the bookmark you want to change the print orientation of
  2. Press the Edit button
  3. In the field "Print Orientation" select the correct print orientation. The following options are available:
    • Portrait without comments: This print mode is useful for multicolumn templates with many rows, this mode will allow the most content on one page
    • Portrait with comments: This mode will also print the comments
    • Landscape without comments: With this mode the font of the report will be better readable
    • Landscape with comments: Please note that with this printing mode there will be very little space for comments
  4. Press the Save Bookmark button, the dialog will close

Edit bookmark.png

Edit bookmark 2.png