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Hyperion Essbase

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Oracle Essbase is one of the industry-leading multi-dimensional online analytical processing (OLAP) servers, providing a rich environment for effectively developing custom analytic and enterprise performance management applications. By leveraging its self-managed, rapid application development capabilities, business users can quickly model complex business scenarios. For example, line-of-business personnel can simply and rapidly develop and manage analytic applications that can forecast likely business performance levels and deliver "what-if" analyses for varying conditions. Oracle Essbase supports extremely fast query response times for vast numbers of users, large data sets, and complex business models.


There are two ways for CXO_Cockpit to connect to Essbase. The architecture pictures below describe the two different ways for CXO-Cockpit to connect to Essbase.

Connect to Essbase using the Hyperion Essbase - OLAP Connector Connect to Essbase using the Hyperion Essbase - Integration Adapter
Architectureimage001.png Architectureimage With Adapter.png

OLAP Connector

The Hyperion Essbase - OLAP Connector uses a straight connection to Essbase. Data is always live, every CXO-Cockpit user needs to have an Oracle Hyperion Essbase license.

Application Adapter

With the Hyperion Essbase - Application Adapter data will be copied to SSAS. The data is not live. CXO-Cockpit users do not need an Oracle Hyperion Essbase license.

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