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  1. 5.0.3 Release notes
  2. AVG & AVGR
  3. Adding Attachments to POV Comments
  4. Automatic Login
  5. Benchmark
  6. CXO-Cockpit Client Compatibility
  7. CXO-Cockpit Mobile Rollout Considerations
  8. CXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite 4.3.3 Release Notes
  9. CXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Create Report
  10. CXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Format Report
  11. CXO-Cockpit Self Study Guide: Repair Meta-data Mismatches
  12. Calculated Members: What to do if I cannot find my calculated member in the Viewer?
  13. Change Order of StoryBoard Items
  14. Change Print Orientation of StoryBoard Items
  15. Change number format of negative numbers
  16. Chart Bar Style
  17. Chart Dash Style
  18. Chart Line Style
  19. Chart Shape Style
  20. Compare Trend
  21. Components
  22. Essbase Authentication Plugin
  23. Financial Statement
  24. For the commentary sections in the dashboard tool, is it possible to create a template format?
  25. HFM data-extract: why do selected dimension members not show up?
  26. How can I see in what reports a specific list is used?
  27. How can I update the license key?
  28. How do I configure CXO-Cockpit to use the Active Directory to authorize the users?
  29. How do I configure CXO-Cockpit to use the LDAP to authorize the users?
  30. How does CXO-Cockpit coordinate with the process management from HFM?
  31. How to customise the web interface so I get my company logo?
  32. Hyperion Financial Management: Batch Load
  33. I want to give my formula a description, how can I do that?
  34. Installation Prerequisites
  35. Is CXO-Cockpit SOX Compliant?
  36. List Item (Parameter)
  37. List in POV
  38. MDX Set Expression
  39. MULT
  40. Maintain Load Sets
  41. Multi Column
  42. Multiple Bars and Lines
  43. Multiple Scenario Analysis
  44. News Items
  45. Numeric Pair
  46. Period Frequency
  47. Portfolio
  48. Predefined Movements
  49. RAT
  50. Ranking
  51. Relative Trend
  52. Report Link Control
  53. Reverse sign for SAP Netweaver
  54. Rules Editor
  55. SUM & SUMR
  56. Schedule.xml
  57. Statistics
  58. The AVGR and SUMR values do not show the right averages and sums
  59. The SUMR function does not include invisible members in a list. How can I include invisible members in a list?
  60. Trends
  61. User Roles Regarding Comments
  62. Valuation
  63. Variance Style
  64. Variance Threshold
  65. View and Compare Comments History
  66. Waterfall
  67. What to do in case of error: "The identity of application pool 'CXOcockpit' is invalid"
  68. When opening an exported Excel file I get a warning that the file is in a different format than specified by the file extension
  69. Which browsers are supported by CXO-Cockpit?
  70. Why do I get errors and/or empty results on formulas?
  71. Why does my print/export job not inmediatly get processed?

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