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The Tagetik connector creates a direct connection to the Tagetik cube.The following architecture picture shows the system components:

Architecture Tagetik.png


This connector generates internally MDX queries to retrieve the data from Tagetik. Read more on MDX trouble shooting here: Turn on MDX Logging to investigate data or performance issues


The connection to Tagetik is managed in the System Settings specify the following fields:


  • Microsoft Analysis Server: the name or IP address of the SSAS server
  • Database: The name of the SSAS database
  • Cube: The name of the SSAS cube
  • Username & Password: SSAS can only be accessed using windows authentication. For the design studio the windows account of the current logged on user will be used. The website will use the account as specified in the application pool. The services will use the service account.

Use the check button to check if the connection can be made.

Configure CXO-Cockpit to run on Tagetik

In order to successfully run CXO-Cockpit on an SSAS application the following additional configuration is required.

Installation Prerequisites

You can find the Installation Prerequisites file for Tagetik in this article.